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UptimeMetrics is a professional and fully responsible team

UptimeMetrics platform is designed to monitor the status of the websites.
It includes such features:

Website’s availability

UptimeMetrics platform runs frequent tests to check your website’s availability; in case of any problem, we send you an alert immediately via email, SMS, Slack, or Twilio depending on the chosen plan.

Server availability

Similar to the website’s availability, we check server availability and send you an alert in case of any problem.

Validity check of website’s SSL certificate and HTML validation

Two weeks before the expiry date of the certificate, we send a notification to the team (notification level - warning). If the certificate is already expired, we send a notification with the level - critical. It helps to update the certificate in time.

Get critical notifications instantly

If the notification level is not critical, you will get the message during the working hours. If it is critical, we will send you a message right after the problem is spotted.

There are three plans: free, team, and business.
When you subscribe to a free plan, you will get notifications only via email. In the paid plans, you’ll get notifications via SMS and Slack. It is also possible to send a notification via your Twilio account (the SMS notification service). In the paid versions, the history of website checks is kept for a longer period of time.

While using UptimeMetrics platform, you’ll get the reports about:

  • website response time
  • period of time, from which the website is not available
  • frequency of website failures (correlation of total time to the resource availability)

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What people say about UptimeMetrics?

David Smith
I first tried a free version of UptimeMetrics, and I liked it a lot. Now I am using a business plan, and it meets all my criteria.

David Smith

Anna Pretty
With UptimeMetrics I can be on vacation and truly relax. Don’t have to check every 5 minutes if my website works or not.

Anna Pretty

Danilla Ut
Very good! I use a team plan, and I am very satisfied with how it works.

Danilla Ut.

Alex Pottorf
Decided to try out UptimeMetrics for my online store and never regretted it. It’s perfect for me!

Alex Pottorf

About Us

UptimeMetrics platform is specifically designed to monitor the status of your website. It shows website availability, as well as server availability, and the validity check of the website’s SSL certificate.

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